Orlando Info Guide, a product of Local Element Media, was built to provide information about LOCAL businesses, LOCAL eateries, LOCAL attractions, LOCAL events…basically all things LOCAL!

Whether you are a resident or one of our millions of annual visitors, Orlando Info Guide helps you find the best of everything LOCAL in Orlando!

**And we talk about the mouse from time to time!


Orlando Info Guide is solely for small businesses, owned and operated by LOCAL people that contribute to what makes our city great!  We do not discriminate against those who have had great success and have been able to expand to multiple locations…as long as they are all in Florida.



Orlando Info Guide highlights ONLY local services, restaurants, attractions and events. We LOVE the local guy, the family business and the people who are paving the way…because that is who we are! We are a local family, spending every waking hour thinking about our small business…just like you! We want to give the LOCAL guy a strong voice because they are, in fact, what makes a community great!

Readers can include their favorite LOCAL businesses by clicking the button at the top of every page that reads “Add Listing”.


Because we strive to ensure every business included in the Orlando Info Guide is outstanding in their field, Orlando Info Guide highlights ONLY the best services, restaurants, attractions and events Orlando has to offer. We are constantly monitoring reviews and ratings across many platforms for all of our listings, sponsors and contributors to make sure we have the best of the best!

Readers are encouraged to add reviews for listings they have personal experience with. Please remember…we are a family-friendly site. Any off-color language will get a review removed.


If a business listed on OIG receives too many negative reviews here or across other platforms, it will be removed from OIG. We ONLY want the best!

In case you missed it before, we are all about the LOCAL business!


  • Only Local Listings
  • Only High-Quality Listings
  • Interesting Info, Opinions & Tips
  • Multiple Video Series About Orlando
  • Locally Owned & Managed

OIG is not just a directory. OIG is not just a blog. OIG in not just a calendar. We are EVERYTHING in one clean, organized, and easy to use place.


There are many ways for you to get involved with Orlando Info Guide.

Leave reviews for businesses listing and add new listings to the site. Your voice is what makes businesses grow!

Become an “INFO SCOUT”.  We need people in each neighborhood/city to be the eyes and ears for OIG!  Find the new or great things and tell about it!

Become a writer! We have several sections right now that need regular contributors and we know there are several great ideas we haven’t had yet for interesting content!


There are so many ways you can be involved! Come along-side of us and make OIG great!

If you have ideas, suggestions, submissions or general comments let us know! Email info@orlandoinfoguide.com today!